How Long Is Goodbye Volcano High?


Goodbye Volcano High is an upcoming narrative adventure game developed by KO_OP and published by Thunderful. The game follows the story of Fang, a teenager dinosaur who is about to graduate from high school and faces the impending end of their world as they know it.


Goodbye Volcano High is a narrative-driven game that focuses on choices and branching storylines. The player’s decisions will impact the relationships and fates of the characters in the game. The game is played from a third-person perspective, with players controlling Fang as they navigate through the challenges of their final year of high school.


Goodbye Volcano High is expected to have a playtime of around 6-8 hours. The game’s length will vary depending on the player’s choices and how much time they spend exploring the world and interacting with the characters. The developers have stated that the game will have multiple endings, adding to the replay value and overall length of the experience.


Goodbye Volcano High is a highly anticipated game that promises a unique and emotional narrative experience. With its focus on choice-driven gameplay and branching storylines, players can expect a game that will keep them engaged and invested in the characters and their fates. While the game’s length may be on the shorter side, the multiple endings and replay value will likely make it a memorable and impactful experience for players.

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