Where Is Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Located?

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is a stunning natural wonder located in northern Arizona, near the city of Flagstaff. This unique geological site is home to a volcanic cinder cone that was formed over 900 years ago during a series of eruptions.


Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is situated within the Coconino National Forest, just north of Flagstaff, Arizona. The monument is easily accessible by car, located off of Highway 89, approximately 15 miles northeast of the city.


The volcanic cinder cone at Sunset Crater was formed during a series of eruptions that occurred between 1040 and 1100 AD. The eruptions deposited a layer of volcanic ash and cinders, which gave the crater its distinctive red and black coloration.

Visiting the Monument

Visitors to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument can explore the area via a network of hiking trails that wind through the rugged volcanic landscape. The Lava Flow Trail is a popular choice, offering a close-up view of the hardened lava flows and unique plant life that have taken root in the area.


Despite its harsh environment, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is home to a variety of wildlife species. Visitors may spot mule deer, elk, and a variety of bird species, including hawks and owls.

Plan Your Visit

If you’re planning a trip to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, be sure to check the park’s website for current information on hours of operation, entrance fees, and any special events or programs that may be taking place during your visit. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and sturdy hiking shoes to fully enjoy your time exploring this unique natural wonder.

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